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On his son, with whom he plays football in the piece:


„He’s a funny, funny guy but very talented. Very talented. I don’t want him to play tennis to be honest. I only want there to be one crazy one in the family.”



On the Zagreb tournament:


„It’s important not only for Zagreb, but for Croatia to have this tournament.”



On Croat tennis player Marin Cilic:


„It’s always fun to play with him to warm him up so if he wins I can say I warmed him up and it’s my great touch.”



On Croatia:


„We are country of 4.5 million people and we are extremely lucky with these tennis players. So look at the countries like Great Britain, USA, Australia. Enormous budgets of the money and no players. They cannot produce any tennis players. They have Andy Murray and that’s it.”



On Croat tennis player Borna Coric:


„Huge potential -he knows he has huge potential.”


„My dream for him is to be better than me. So that means he has to be number 1. I was number 2, he has to win at least 2 grand slams and I think that’s not bad.”



On his life in Zagreb:


„I’m living here 14 years already. I like life here. Nobody is bothering me. I have a feeling that everyone knows me – not knows – like a friend.”


„People they recognise me, they love me, hate me but still.”



On tennis:


„Tennis is always going to be in my life because it’s just me. I was born playing tennis. All my life I spent on the court, this is my life.”

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