By: Jan Stanski, Pawel Habrat (

Back in the days one of the most intriguing question is: what makes the difference for being the winner or potential winner? There are many features for sure, but when we say about true tennis gladiators we mostly imagine the players taking the trophies up. Although being the winner is something more. For being the winner at first you have to be the winner in the mind and inner game. From the beginning it is needed to see the way – not easy way, often very difficult way – to become the true winner.

The tennis gladiator is the personality which do not give up from making the dream about winning and victory come true. The winners are the personalities which can imagine themselves in the situations in taking the new challenges and winning them in both perspectives ? the close one and the further perspective as well.

It is also worthy to say that for the winners the defeat or loss is the argument for better self-improvement and taking effort for more effective workout. The winners know that it is worth to believe and prove that the next match, competition or tournament will be much better. The winners are coming in on the tennis court with the thought in mind and attitude to win the match not not to lose it (yes, these attitudes are much different) and the lost match does not mean that the player is the loser. The sadness connected with defeat is painful although discontinuation of play and discouragement also should cause the situation in which must be working on improving the way of thinking.
The winner returns after defeat much stronger, not only more rich of the new experience, but what is important with new motivation to change the up-to-date situation. While being physically injured there is never lack of hope for successful comeback and for recovery and the impact is the same as for the regular trainings. For the winner the most important thing is searching for the new possibilities of self-improvement and developing the technical, physical and mental skills.

The winner is prepared for hard work not only on trainings but also off-court as well as planning and taking care about the regeneration. The winner can overcome not only the limits of the body but also the psychological ones like for example: the fear of fatigue/tiredness. The winner can spend hours analyzing its game and making building-up conclusions while talking about it with coach or whole team. The winner is focused on its game and making progress of its skills.

The winner has the awareness that sometimes it is needed to resign from some of the things to achieve the other goals connected with tennis. The winner is concentrated on creating its own goals and does not let the small and unimportant things absorb its attention just before the match. The critical remarks connected with improvement are treated as the instructions because the winner is focused on its own way and betterment its own game.

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