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Dr. Jorge A. Valverde* Everybody has a purpose, a destiny. And each of us has to go through a process where we grow and mature.   Your character is who you are and what you do when nobody is watching you. And the key to...

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Inner Motivation

Dr. Jorge Valverde Most great champions developed the ability to push themselves to go through all the challenges they have to go through during their careers. And inner motivation is the main reason why they are able to do so....

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Be Aware Of Your Little Voice

Dr. Jorge Valverde Anytime we go where we have never been, or try something we have never done before, fear will be present. It will always stand between us and anything worth doing. But the good news is, each time we conquer...

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Parents ? Concerns, Questions and Answers

Dr. Jorge Valverde My child does not want to work on the mental toughness. If parents let their children do what they want to do, that means that children are in control of their own development. For example, most children do...

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Please answer this short questionnaire before reading this article. Yes No [ ] [ ] I frequently interrupt my children when they speak to me. [ ] [ ] I have a hard time listening to my teenager’s arguments. [ ] [ ] I...

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A Few Facts Regarding the Mental Aspects Of Tennis

1. During a match, you are actually hitting the ball only about 25% of the time, the rest of the time you are just thinking about what is going on. This is why tennis is such a mental game. 2. When you play up to your potential,...

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