Kid?s look up to adults for the example. They learn self-control by watching you display self-control. Like a coach who remains calm and in control, parents who exhibit good sideline behavior provide young athletes with an appropriate role model for handling the emotional ups and downs of competition.

1. Don?t only support your child – Try support the entire group or team. Instead of only focusing on your own child, try cheer and compliment the entire team.
When you do this, you not only create a positive and healthy environment for your child, but for all.
Andy Murray’s mother – Judy does this extremely well.

2. Practice good karma – what goes around comes around.
Unless you have something positive to say, don?t talk negatively about other players, parents or coaches in front of kids or others.

3. Don’t Put Your Child on A Pedestal – Even if they are the star of the team, kids need to support one another and play as a team. Parents need to do the same. Encourage all, no matter what level they may be.

4. Applaud the other team too – Congratulate any good play. If kids see the adults applauding good plays made by the other team or child, they will be getting a very important message: that the game isn’t such a life-or death thing. It?s about FUN and effort remember?
5. Show Gratitude – Thank everyone who contributed, especially the officials and coaches. Expressions of gratitude go a long way to motivating officials and coaches to continue doing the job they are doing.

6. Reward effort, not the result. The fact your child is out there and doing it, should make you proud enough.

Allistair McCaw

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