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QUICK TIP – What’s all the racket about a racket?

Truly, only you can choose the right racket for you. There are so many different rackets and too much subjectivity and psychology involved in selecting the perfect racket. The manufacturers expound on this and that about the intricacies of their racket and strings which leaves your head whirling. In their best salesmanship mode they advise that if you are a control player use this racket, a power player that one, a net rusher still another… ah! And a baseline player calls for yet another type of racket. What happens if you are all of these: a power player with...

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TOM’S ONLINE TENNIS LESSON – Can the Correct Mental Attitude Improve Your Mechanics?

Your mental attitude, whether positive or negative, has a major impact on your physical game, which includes your vision, timing, balance, etc. With a positive mental attitude your mind clears the way for your stroke production to operate at an optimum level. With a negative mental attitude your mind blocks the pathway to optimum play resulting in a subpar performance. In a recent lesson I gave, the player I was coaching was having some trouble with her timing, rhythm and stroke production. Although her game did not look bad, she was struggling with her feel. After she hit 250...

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QUICK TIP – Improve your volley with no technique

Many times when teaching I can adjust a student’s thinking and as a result affect stroke production. This quick tip on volleying can improve your volleys without making any major changes in your stroke. Would you like to improve your volley without consciously changing any technical skill? The next time you volley do not think in terms of hitting a winner. Instead, think in terms of consistency and control. Simple, isn’t it? It may be, but do not assume you think correctly when hitting volleys. I have been teaching a long time and just about everyone tries to go...

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QUICK TIP – Break tiebreakers in your favor

You have played great tennis and worked your way into a 6-6 tie. A tiebreaker will now determine the set. Wow! Now what? All players have a different spin on how to handle tiebreakers. I’ve always liked Jimmy Connors’s approach. He, like many other top players, would play more aggressive in a tiebreaker scenario. Playing on the aggressive does not mean constantly attacking the net, but being mentally aggressive with controlled playing. Remember, each point in a tiebreaker is like winning a whole game. You are trying to make things happen and keep your opponent under pressure, but WITHOUT...

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Goal Setting

Goal Setting If you don’t plan out what you want to improve in your game, then you rely on your willpower and motivation to inspire you to act. But if you do plan out when and where you are going to improve your game, your goal has a time and a space to live in the real world. This shift in perspective allows your environment to act as a cue for improvement you want to make. To put it simply: planning out when and where you will focus on improving your game, turns your environment into a trigger for...

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