1.There is no better sport than tennis

2.Tennis creates honesty

3.It is worth to fight till the end as well in the sport like in the life

4.Positive discharge of energy excess

5.Formation of character and self-confidence

6.The competition, adrenaline, endorphins

7.Because tennis is also the elegance and aggression, technique and strength, grace and speed

8.Development of motor coordination and willingness to life

9.Because it is a sport full of emotions

10.Improves reflexes, strengthens muscles.

11.Because of love to the sport and dream to learn to play it

12.It is a great sport beloved by fans all around the world

13.It is worth to play to achieve goals

14.To serve like Ivo Karlovic, to play forehand like Roger Federer, to smile like Agnieszka Radwanska

15.Watching the greatest of tennis is making smile and give lots of energy

16.It gives pleasure

17.Tennis is wonderful state of mind

18.Exercise psyche and ability to act in stressful situations

19.Strong legs, strong arms and hands

20.Prestigous sport

21.Allows you to get a taste of victory or defeat

22.Teaches humility

23.It?s great to have fans

24.Satisfaction from what you are doing and what you can do

25.Helps to burn fat

26.It prevents diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, vascular and osteoporosis

27.We can begin to play as a child and play all life and literally start learning at any age

28.Game requires concentration and commitment, so it is a great idea for combating stress, cut off from the problems

29.It requires tactical thinking, which can lead to the generation of new nerve connections in the brain

30.To forget about the daily grind, to feel, even for a moment, as Novak Djokovic, like a star

31.The perfect choice for families with children, spend time together active

32.When you play tennis you do not sit in front of the TV

33.Beautiful history of discipline and tradition

34.Sweat, fatigue, satisfaction, fast asleep after an intense workout – PRICELESS!

35.Make slimmer silhouette, helps you to fight with overweight

36.It is a sport that weapon against loneliness

37.Spending time in the air strengthen the oxygenation

38.It?s great way to spend time with having the fun of the game

39.Opportunity to meet new people positively crazy  and sharing a passion that supports and develops

40.Improving health and overall fitness of the organism,

41.Care of friendly relations

42.All the difficulties you have to face by yourself, nobody will do anything for you

43.Tennis motivates you to work on yourself

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